vol.1Plant-based Organic Curry - Mild taste

Plant-based Organic Curry - Mild taste

The theme of the first issue is the popular "Curry". It has easily prepared dishes and stories about food.


Rethinking Curry. Curry roux made from vegetables and grains without using animal origin ingredients.

Curry, a simple dish that can be made by adding ingredients and cooking them. It is good, all-around dish that is suitable for all ages and genders. However, after eating curry with store-bought roux for many times, I felt that my stomach was upset. Also, when I tried to wash the dishes, I found they were too oily to wash with water. I checked the ingredients and found that the main ingredient was animal lard, not spices or vegetables. That was when I realized I needed to face the meal curry properly.

No animal origin ingredients means no stomach upset, and easy to wash

There is a concept of not actively eating animals for religious, health, or emotional distress to the animals. This was the ancient Indian philosophy more than 5,000 years ago. In Hinduism, which was the religion of the majority of people in India at that time, eating meat from sacred cows and other animals was basically forbidden, and records show that spiced dishes consisting of vegetables, rice, wheat, and dairy products stewed together with spices were the norm. Yes, the plant-based concept that is attracting attention today was already the mainstream in ancient India.

This is where a new challenge began. Replacing all animal ingredients with vegetable and grain ingredients...a steady process. Making various vegetables and grains into powders, and then blending them with multiple spices and rock salt while considering the taste and medicinal properties of each crop. The result is a plant-based curry roux that contains no animal ingredients, does not upset the stomach (in fact, it helps digestive health), and makes dishwashing easier. The ingredients are made from pesticide-free and fertilizer-free vegetables carefully grown on our own farm at the foot of Mount Fuji.

"medicine food same origin" Eating food as medicine, the wisdom of "yakuzen" lifestyle.

Chinese herbal medicine is a traditional medicine made from natural ingredients with strong medicinal properties. Ginger and cinnamon are herbal medicines that are often included in Chinese herbal medicines to improve cold and circulation. Curry made with these spices is a food and a medicine that regulates the body.

It is not only herbal medicines such as spices that have medicinal powers. Almost all familiar vegetables and fruits have medicinal benefits. Tomatoes, for example, hydrate and replenish water in the body. While herbal medicines have strong effects and side effects, everyday foods balance them out.

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